How to Perform a SUQQU Gankin Massage

One of the key facets of the SUQQU brand is the benefit of the facial massage.  Promoting lymph drainage and giving the appearance of lifted skin, the SUQQU Gankin version features a firm set of hands and their Masculate Massage & Mask Cream.

You can receive a massage from a pair of someone else's trained hands at any SUQQU counter, but if like me, you live far, far away from a counter, you can administer it on your own bloated face.  (By bloated face, I mean MY bloated face ofc.  It is post Thanksgiving after all.  Turkey, gravy, pies were consumed.)

The Masculate Massage & Mask Cream is out of stock on Selfridges, but available currently at Harrods (here).  It's thick rich cream that moves with just a hint of resistance (so you don't slip and slide your fingers around).

I also use the Sponge Cloth (on Selfridges here) for removing the cream off my face after I massage my face.

There's an illustrated how-to on line on the SUQQU website (here).  I myself am VERY challenged following detailed step-by-step instructions, even with illustrations.  Assembling IKEA furniture, as an example, is my ideal self torture session.  I always get turned around and backwards when trying to the Gankin using this print out.

There's a few videos on line, but SUQQU Global just released a great detailed one (that moves at a good slow enough pace that I can follow along), which I thought would be handy to share.  I like the visual learning a lot more in the video format so I can follow along.

One observation is that the video shows the model using very light pressure.  When I do it on myself, I use the firmest pressure I can stand (withstanding a bit of discomfort) because I think it aids in moving bloat-face fluids around and draining them.  I've heard from friends that have received the massage at the counter, that the pressure is indeed very firm.  (Just don't hurt yourself! ;) )

I heard this described as a face lift without the surgery or needles, and I wouldn't say that, but promoting a bit of blood circulation and the firm pressure on the muscles does feel very nice after I finish a massage.  I'd say give this a try.  You don't need SUQQU's specific cream to do it either.  Many thick balm type cleansers (like Eve Lom or similar) would be a good vehicle to use this technique with.

Do you, em, self massage?

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