SUQQU UK Exclusive Christmas 2017 Color Collection

SUQQU UK Exclusive Christmas 2017 Color Collection

This post features products that were provided without charge for my consideration

The UK-Exclusive color collections from SUQQU always have a bit more panache than the more sedate main ones.  They have bright tones and deeply saturated hues and would compete toe to toe with Western brands.  These collection always cause a bit of a clamor and it for those in love with a very SUQQU interpretation of briiiiight, it would be wise to reserve one early rather than take chances on line.

I'm grateful for receiving these products and for the chance to try them out.  Unfortunately, time is not in my favor (or the blog's).  With the collection set to make it's UK release on October 5th at Selfridge's I'm feeling a pressure to share these without having properly used them.  So let's consider this a photographic essay, rather than a proper review type post and I hope this is helpful as you decide to splurge or not.

Designing Color Eyes

The eye shadow palettes have white limited edition cases with a striking rose gold trim.  They are stunning!  Old-school SUQQU fans may have complained about the recent turn by the brand to all shimmer quads, but these have a variety of finishes.

Limited edition UK Exclusive Christmas Color Collection.  109 Iwaiakari, 110 Kohakuyoi and 113 Hikarisango

Limited edition UK Exclusive Christmas Color Collection.  109 Iwaiakari, 110 Kohakuyoi and 113 Hikarisango


101 Iwaiakari

This might be the most striking of the three, with the bright pink color.  I like that the pink actually provides a cohesive accent to the rest of the colors, especially on the skin.  


I like that the pink is a sweet satin finish (and not very shimmery). The deepest shade is very pigmented and is also drier and a bit crumbly.  (watch out for fall out).  It is very much full of shimmer.


110 Kohakuyoi

Kohakuyoi is really more my kind of glam than the pinky cousin above.  This was surprised me with its strong pigmentation.  The bottom half is high shimmer and very richly pigmented.  It's also not up to normal SUQQU texture.  The palest shade is very smooth (and lightly pigmented).  But the bottom shades in particular felt very gritty and dry, although yielding strong color on the skin.


113 Hikarisango

Hikarisango looks a bit reminiscent to EX-32 Rengazome with the brick tones. This one is less appealing to me.  I find coral less easy to wear, though with the brick brown and a deep warm charcoal, coral can be used sparingly to accent.



Pure Color Blush

105 Tankouka

This limited edition blush is a surprise to me.  It looks a little sedate in the pan, though certainly pretty.


The glisten in the pan does betray it's true nature.


I was expecting something like Yawakouki, which is pretty in the pan, but yields shimmer and not much pigment.  Instead the left side is a rich rose and the left side a neutral gold profusion of shimmer.  Blending the sides together is a golden rose.  With this much shimmer, this is made for someone that loves a highlighter - blush combo.  It's a bit much for me, but I will try it on my cheeks and see!


Extra Glow Lipsticks

A trio of creamy and pigmented limited edition shades are released as part of this collection.  In the cases, the bullets seem very similar, but apply with distinction.

  • 106 Benisuguri is a deep rich rose
  • 107 Yoibudou is a deep berry
  • 108 Amasoubi is a deep beige rose

I hope all these swatches were helpful!  More information on the release is available on SUQQU UK's tumblr here.  Releases October 5th at Selfridges and October 19 at Harrod's and Fenwick's Bond Street.  You can email with inquiries to reserve.

Disclosure: this post features products that were sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 

Nature of Spending

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