SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in 02 Kokedama

SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in 02 Kokedama

This is technically a do-over.  And also a retraction.  I featured this quad several years ago (here) and gave it a pretty mediocre review, calling it patchy and filling me full of regrets.  Yes, back then the USD to GBP exchange rate wasn't quite so favorable as now.  And back then I was more into the idea that a good swatch photo = good product.  To be fair to myself, I do think that the matte shade in particular didn't apply very well, feeling very dry and hard to blend.  I don't know if in my old(er) age I've become even further entrenched in my preferences, but I LOVE it now!  (Maybe senile. )


Why am I yelling?  I just want to show you pictures.

I took some photos in both natural and artificial light.  It makes a difference because the artificial light set up is handy for capturing color (and also allowing me to blog when I feel like it vs. when it's a crazy bright sunny day which coincides with my free time) but doesn't do a great job showing all the texture and the SUQQU famous complex shimmers.  Oh well.  I gotta let go something.  See, I can compromise.

I keep referring to this quad as "the green one" from the old Blend Color Eye Shadow palette line up, which is currently UK exclusive and imminently facing being forever gone.

  • It has a near frost seafoam green, that is chock full of pale chartreuse, warm gold and bright white shimmer.
  • a warm green toned shimmery grey which is full of a bedazzling amount of various shimmer, but which applies in a very somber way.  (shimmer which are some red, green, bright blue, etc).  It comes to life when light hits it in a particular way.
  • the requisite white matte base shade, which is used to smooth and prime the lids
  • a dark olive green, looks like the dark green in an army camouflage print.  It really does swatch patchy doesn't it?  And poorly pigmented to top it off.  But it applies as easy as I can dream and blends perfectly with the other shades.

Here are swatch photos in artificial and natural (indirect) lighting:

Here's a swatch of the three shades (excludes the base white) which I've layered (dark green, the grey and then the light green).  It creates a perfect gradation with none of the work of actual blending or hard work!  How easy is that for a bozo like me to create something that looks like I actually blended something!?

In natural indirect, natural direct and artificial lighting.

In the look below, I'm wearing the same easy, fail-proof layered placement that I almost always use when I wear one of these old quads, in this tutorial with 08 Mizuaoi (here).

Products used (all from SUQQU, except the base)

  • Blend Color Eye Shadow in 02 Kokedama (to be d/c)
  • Gel Liner Pen in 01 Black
  • Balancing Brow Palette in 01 Moss Green (here)
  • Balancing Cheeks N in 01 Momoshuiro (d/c) (here)
  • Creamy Glow Lipstick in 06 Umegasumi (d/c)
  • Mascara Base N
  • Volume & Curl Mascara
  • Face Designing Concealer Palette (here)
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfecter (here) (was PR sample)

If you have eyes for this oldie from SUQQU, the last of the gorgeous famous SUQQU greens I would urge you to make your move.  Who knows when the last of the inventory is gone and if they will ever restock?  At the time of writing this post, it is available on Selfridges website (here) (not affiliated link).

I think for Summer, another UK exclusive color collection, again designed by Jorge Balzaretti will be available.  One is a green palette, which might be interesting to check out and definitely well within the SUQQU brand DNA!  Here's a glimpse from Jorge's Instagram page:

Anyway, one more look at this special beauty.  I actually find greens a little difficult to carry off confidently, but not overdoing the light green makes this quad very flattering.  

Do you like green eye shadows?  Have you tried Kokedama? 

SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow 02 Kokedama
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