Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Lipstick in Billie on the Bike

Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Lipstick in Billie on the Bike

Ever dream you are a chic woman of substance and style, brimming with a certain exuberant grace and comfortable in your most beautiful skin?  By that, maybe someone like Linda Rodin, who swaps bright lipsticks to suit a mood, but looking even more just perfect, just herself? All you need is a lipstick or two, but you are ever so gorgeously YOU.

 *peers into belly button*  *picks out lint*  

Maybe I need better sunglasses.

Maybe I need more lipsticks.  *rattles 50 lipsticks in a drawer*

Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Lipstick

Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Lipstick

I first saw these lipstick's on Helen's blog (Lola's Secret Beauty Blog - here).  Helen has spoken often about the Rodin Olio Lusso facial oil and she also gave a wonderful review of the petite 5-color lipstick range.  I definitely have So Mod (a pink nude shade that Helen featured) on my wish list now, too.  These lipsticks have been on my mind ever since.  I picked up the shade Billie on the Bike from Beautyhabit (one of very favorite beauty websites) during a discount event.

I'm more into smaller and sleeker makeup casing, but the clear case looks super modern and chic!

(Sorry for these weird photos with varying exposures.  I had a hell of a time using my new lighting set up + new lens + the hell of photographing clear things on white! :P Well, I'm a makeup hoarder, not a photographer! )

Billie on the Bike is a cool violet berry shade.  Of the shades, I was most drawn to the red in the line, Red Hedy, but I forced myself to try something I thought would be more different than my usual assortment of nudes, MLBBs and reds.

I am delighted by this formula.  While it lasts an average 4 hours or so (not terribly long lasting), gradually losing its soft shine, it feels very hydrating on the lips.  It feels similar to a Guerlain Rouge G in terms of pigmentation and creamy slip, but for me, the Rodin formula is superior in terms of moisturizing comfort.

Swatch below:

One swipe yields a fully opaque and rich build of color.  

Here are a few similar berries.

Guerlain Rouge G in Gladys is more red, and also with shimmer.  RBR Sheer lipstick in Jasmine Weighted Air is much sheerer, pink, and lighter.  Revlon Cherries in the Snow is more red.

Added one more for Kay.  Here's Billie on the Bike compared with a recent SUQQU Extra Glow lipstick release from the permanent range 09 Yoikajitsu, which is a glossier and sorter muted berry.  Much warm compared to the very blue tones of Billie on the Bike.

It's probably a bit out of my comfort zone, similar in the way Gladys is.  It definitely makes a statement.  I very happily wear reds, almost in the way I can wear a MLBB type of shade, but I feel a bit that Billie on the Bike makes an entrance before I do!  But it is still stunning, and the blue cast to the color is very striking.  The formula is wonderful and the color is quite amazing, I can see the appeal of having a minimum lipstick "wardrobe" and casting just the right oomph with these selection of colors.  

Well, being the maximalist that I am, maybe I just can absorb Billie (and Red Hedy and So Mod) in the collective.  Resistance is futile.  I just received an email from Beautyhabit that there's a special offer for this brand (for the launch of the matching lip liners) here.  With a $50 purchase in the brand, you get a lip balm ring (super cute looking) with the code RODINLIPS.  I have no affiliation of course.  Just mulling my next shade.

Are you familiar with the Rodin olio lusso line?  Have you tried any of these lipsticks?

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