SUQQU Summer 2017 UK Exclusive Color Collection

SUQQU Summer 2017 UK Exclusive Color Collection

>> this post features products provided without charge for my consideration<<

I've forgotten how wonderful it is to take photos in bright natural light.  The long, dull winter has trained my eyes to get used to desaturated blah images.  <--that's just a warning to tell you I'm overstuffing this post with oodles of photos.

If you've read my post on the new revamped color products from SUQQU, you read I wasn't exactly ecstatic about them.  I would say that I tried to be very measured on pointing out their substantial merits (i.e., exceptional quality and wearable color selections) while still feeling a bit nostalgic about the specialness of the older products.  I feel the same way about this color collection, too.  I think the best part about the UK exclusives is that it has a more amped up color quality that could have great appeal for lots of customers.

The collection inspiration are the subtropical islands of Japan and their vibrant colors and sensuousness.  Do you know that the southern islands of Japan go way south and close to Taiwan?  When I lived in Asia, I always wanted to visit, but even from Seoul, the remoteness of some of the islands made planning a trip too daunting.  But hey!  I may never make it there, but now I have a color makeup collection to obsess over!

Pile o' SUQQU. &nbsp;

Pile o' SUQQU.  


The SUQQU UK-Exclusive Color Collection

SUQQU's UK-Exclusive Summer 17 Collection

SUQQU's UK-Exclusive Summer 17 Collection

This summer's UK collection features:

  • 2 limited edition Designing Color Eyes in 103 Kisui, a yellow and green quad and 104 Natsusango, an orange and black dominant quad
  • 1 limited edition blush & bronzer in 102 Tsuyakagerou
  • 2 limited edition Extra Glow Lipsticks in 104 Tsuyazakuro, a bright coral and 105 Hamadaidai, a bright cool pink


Limited Edition Extra Glow Lipsticks

SUQQU Extra Glow Lipsticks (L) 104 Tsuyazakuro (R)105 Hamadaidai

SUQQU Extra Glow Lipsticks (L) 104 Tsuyazakuro (R)105 Hamadaidai

It seems that from color to color the formula changes somewhat.  These new limited edition shades were less kind on my lips than the other ones I've tried.  And these were also far more richly pigmented than others I own.  In fact, they had a stiffer and stickier formula which made application a little uneven (though smoothed easily by rubbing the lips) and wasn't as moisturizing than the other colors.

Here's the swatches.  The shades are very bright.  I love bright shades and happily wear them, but these also have a pretty strong white base to them that makes them much more challenging to wear.  (Ah, Grace London!  I wish I can link to your post on clear vs. white-based colors!)  They both have a slight milky quality on my lips.

  • 104 Tsuyazakuro is a medium toned and bright neutral pink.  
  • 105 Hamadaidai I hesitate to call coral.  It really is an unapologetic orange.  It is yellow-toned and white based.  For me, particularly challenging to wear compared to some of the juicier and transparent oranges from previous releases.


Limited Edition Pure Color Blush 

Way back when SUQQU had several versions of two-pan blushes, there used to be a tan colored contour / bronzer type shade.  This is definitely more amped up than that.  These ombre blushes from SUQQU have a lot more formula "heft" than the Nuancing or Balancing dual pan blushes.  Whereas those are drier in feel and applies like a puff of air on the cheeks, the Pure Color Blush have a much softer, creamier feel (for a powder, that is).

SUQQU Pure Color Blush Tsuyakagerou

SUQQU Pure Color Blush Tsuyakagerou

The limited edition blush 102 Tsuyakagerou is an interesting one.  It can certainly be used as a sculpting kind of a blush, but can also be used to give a bronzed effect and can also contour.    I'm not one for bronzers nor contouring much, but as an addition to the SUQQU line up, it has a good niche.

In the swatches I've swatched (from left to right), the right side, the left side and then blended all together.

  • Pure Color Blush 102 Tsuyakagerou transitions from a satin (maybe almost matte) tan shade to a satin (with some larger golden shimmer particles) of warm orange.  My yellow skin tone seems to amplify the orange tones in the whole thing that on my face it really mostly registers orange despite trying to pick up the tan only side vs. the orange side.

For me, it is not successful as a bronzer because the overall tone is so sharply orange.  Nor does it work as well as a contour product.  I find the shade too warm for that.  

It is nice to use just the tan side to pick up a little depth to the skin and overall color and use the blended shade, or just the orange as a blush.  The shimmers look strong in the swatches, but brushed normally on the cheeks (i.e., lightly), the finished effect is a nice glowing sheen.

Limited Edition Designing Color Eyes

The show pieces of most SUQQU color collections, in my humble opinion (and crazy obsession) are the eye shadows.  The colors are striking and sexy and also importantly, there's a mix of textures (across matte to high shimmer) which makes me think SUQQU is listening to us when we say we don't want all mono-textural quads.  

  • 103 Kisui contains:
    • matte bright yellow, which is lightly pigmented (and oddly on my yellow toned skin disappears into my skin!)
    • super shimmery bronze.  It is smooth and well pigmented with strongly reflective gold particles.
    • deep green-black.  Now this one is satin finish and loaded with all the multi-colored micro shimmers for all you SUQQU geeks out there.
    • a medium yellow-toned satin green.  Shimmery and has a casts a soft metallic finish on the skin with strong cast of yellow gold.

Kisui is in a long line of famous SUQQU greens.  I'm fortunate to hoard, I mean own a few and here's Kisui compared with 02 Kokedama from the last eye shadow quad iteration (Blend Color Eye Shadows), and the super duper old Souryoku (depotted).

I've swatched (from left to right) Souryoku, Kokedama and finally, Kisui.  These are all green-dominant quads obviously, but it's the cast of greens that differ one to the other.  Kokedama has a more silvered-sage vibe, while Souryoku (don't be fooled by the lackluster swatches, it goes on beautifully on the lids!) is a gradation of light to darker neutral greens.  And the newest to the family Kisui is very gold and yellow casted.

Whether you need one or not will more depend on if greens suit you (or you just love it) and what types of greens work best.  For me, the strong yellow tones were pretty challenging to wear.

  • 104 Natsusango contains:
    • pale near-matte (has very fine and sparse yellow and light gold shimmer) Belly nude shade.  It's a good blending or base type shade, too close to my skin tone to really register as a color.
    • shimmery warm beige pink.  Has lots of silver, pink, red and some aqua shimmer.  
    • a deep grungy warm black.  It is matte.
    • a medium orange, a blend of tumeric and saffron.  This is also matte.

The composition of colors here (2 lights and 2 darks) make is a more easier quad to wear.  I can use the black as a base under the orange to create a deep smoky ember kind of a look (had I someplace cool to go in the evening, as an example), or use the nude and beige pink to create a more light look using the orange and black as a liner shade.

I did one look for this post, though I've worn in many times since having received this. I'm wearing Kisui, 104 Tsuyakazuro lipstick and the blush.



Let me conclude this very long post!  Hope you enjoyed it.  I would like to follow up with a few additional posts if (when) I can.  I think a few more comparisons would be useful for edumacational porpoises in the longer run, but hope this post is sufficient helping you decide on any purchases.

A very nicely composed collection, with textures!  I like that.  I think not all the colors were successful for me just based on color preferences.  What about you?  Are you glad to see the texture mix in these new quads?  How do you like these sultry and bright colors from the Summer collection?


  • Ordering:  Collection is available for purchase first at Selfridges on April 27th, with a big launch event at Selfridges London.  On May 11th, collection is available at Harrods and Fenwicks.
    • You can contact via email ( to order, or call Selfridges London at +44 (0)207 318 3956.  
    • Other option is to order on line at Fans of SUQQU know often that these limited edition items are difficult to get a hold of at times.  Seems these days contacting the counters directly, or emailing is your best bet.  You can inquire about shipping and processing fees.
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Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 


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