AveSeena - Ageless Perfection Cream, Essential Radiance Serum and Honeyactive Beauty Mask

AveSeena - Ageless Perfection Cream, Essential Radiance Serum and Honeyactive Beauty Mask

Some of the items featured in this post (*) were provided without charge for my consideration.

May I make an unseemly confession?  I like the idea of natural makeup and skincare products but that is never a factor in my purchasing consideration.  Like ever.  If incidentally a product is natural and cruelty free, then its a happy coincidence.  I also have an odd bias: truly green things are never as effective as some synthetically formulated product that is all backed by science.  For me, bring on the weird lab chemicals!

Having said all that stuff, I came to rave about three amazing products.  

AveSeena Skincare

AveSeena is a new cruelty-free skincare brand making premium and effective products.  And it is chock full of natural ingredients but not a wishy washy tea of bamboo waters and a few essential oils.  While the ingredients are derived naturally (darn where are my cosmetic scientists wearing protective gear from a nuclear plant from the Simpsons?) they are also proven effective.  It also doesn't contain a whole host of other potentially iffy ingredients (like parabens) complying with strict standards across the US, Japan, Canada and EU.  The products are a blend of botanical ingredients + proven active ingredients.

Remember in my Skincare Murder Mystery post when I completely wrecked my skin?  I've re-incorporated everything but the NIOD NAAP into my routine and my skin looks great.  One thing I've realized is that using Biologique Recherché P50 1970 and Retin A Micro too often and at concurrent routines (i.e., BR P50 in the AM and then Retin A in the PM of the same day) I start messing up my skin again.

Honeyactive Beauty Mask

Let me first introduce you to what's been the biggest salve in these recent weeks for my skin when becomes irritated with my over-eager actives routine.

I like masks just fine, especially masks that are clarifying.  I'm super fond of clay mask for clearing up clogs and encouraging some zippy blood flow to the skin.  I also like super hydrating ones for when my skin looks dull and dry.

The Honeyactive mask is different.  It is full of honey (first ingredient) and kaolin clay (second ingredient) and then follows a long list of botanical ingredients.  You can tell it is full of honey based on the very thick texture.

Honey itself is a pretty magical ingredient.  It is known as a humectant and for its soothing and anti-microbial properties.  (I get terrible canker sores in my mouth from time to time and as a home remedy, I put a thick dab on it in the affected area and it often heals it before it turns into a full blown sore.)

I apply a thick layer on dry skin, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.  It is SO thick and sticky and hard to spread, but worth the effort (after pulling my hair back with a thick hairband.  For me it lessens redness, calms irritation and leaves my skin so soft and hydrated.  This is truly magic in a jar for me.  It is full of beautiful ingredients, too.  What a dreamy product.

Ageless Perfection Cream*

I recommend taking a peek at the product page to look at the ingredients and their benefits (here).  It has ingredients rich in omega 3, 6, and 9, globe daisy stem cell extracts to impart resilience and glow to the skin and a botanically derived ingredient from Cassia Agustifolia seed to act as an alternative to hyaluronic acid to attract moisture into the skin.  It smells amazing too, without any added artificial fragrances and it is soothing when applied.

This cream is suitable for all skin types although the texture seems thick and on the rich side.    On my very dehydrated skin, which is also very dry in the cold weather months, I found it wasn't enough to keep me moisturized.  Now that it is much warmer, my skin is less dry, the cream makes a perfect day and night cream.  The thick cream takes a bit to rub into the skin before it is absorbed, but then leaves a wonderful plump looking skin.  I haven't had such baby butt smooth skin in a while.

Essential Radiance Serum*

There's a wonderful cocktail of antioxidant (Vitamin B3 complex), moisturizing rose hydrosol, aloe vera extract, radiance boosting plant stem cells.  I was surprised actually at how potent this particular serum is.  I use serums regularly and despite using ones purported to have anti-aging properties, I was really thrilled to see just how bright my skin looked after incorporating this serum into my skincare regimen.

One thing I notice is that for a few minutes upon application, I feel a slight tingle and some redness.  I've not noticed any other sensitization type responses (breaking out, or itchiness) while using this.  I have previously have had similar responses with using products with niacinamide (of which it is a component of vitamin B3).  Apparently niacin (another component of B3) in high doses causes dilation of blood capillaries. 

Essental Radiance Serum has a light gel texture that is very quickly absorbed.  It also has a very light scent from the botanical ingredients.  

Ingredients of mask, cream and serum:


  • You can purchase the products aveseena.com (non-affiliate link)
  • The above website is a great resource not only of the products but information on the ingredients as well as links to scientific articles on related topics

I'm super happy with how my skin is looking these days (and relieved!).  I've incorporated my ABCs in the form of Retin A Micro, Vitamin B3 complex and Hylamide C25 Booster.  I have regular exfoliation with Biologique Recherche P50 1970.  I'm going to stop trying to tinker on my skincare for a bit since having my skin recovered from my earlier murder.

Disclosure: this post features products (*) that were sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 

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