SUQQU Moisture Rich Lipstick Swatch Set & an Ichijiku Showdown!

SUQQU Moisture Rich Lipstick Swatch Set & an Ichijiku Showdown!

A funny thing about a makeup consumerist's mind.  One is good.  Six is even more so.  And then there's this idea that owning all of them seems attainable.  While we think about bit and have ourselves an uncomfortable moment, we shall look at some nice pictures.


Six is a Nice Number

(All is an even better number)

I particularly like that in the Moisture Rich Lipstick color range, there's a true variety of colors from brights to nudes and all in between.  Everything is not a tonal variation on nude (like the Bright Up lipsticks).  I received 01 Yuukanade* along with the rest of my AW17 press samples (featured here).  I wasn't really in love with a warm nude with gold shimmer (I like my nudes understated and not without a lot of bling), but I really liked the formula.

The Moisture Rich Lipstick range has been introduced this AW17 and has ten permanent shades and two limited edition ones (including that BLOOO one).  The formula is balm type, but with a bit of creaminess.  I liked the hydration of this particular formula (press materials mention Rosehip, Grapeseed Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil).  It isn't very long lasting, but lasts a good 3 hours or so while gradually losing shine and wearing away.  I liked that for the bright and deep shades, the colors applied vividly and for the softer shades, they left a softly colored enhancement.  Of this lipstick (vs. the other recently full-pigment lipstick Extra Glow lipstick), I think the formula is forgiving (more kind on vertical lip lines) and easy to wear due to the lighter pigmentation.

Have you tried the limited edition colors of the Extra Glow lipsticks?  The texture of the Moisture Rich lipstick is identical to those, but with much better pigmentation.

SUQQU Moisture Rich Lipsticks

SUQQU Moisture Rich Lipsticks

Before we take a look at the color swatches, can we talk about this SUQQU evolution a little bit though?  Some parts of it I'm not the biggest fan of (blah blah blabby blah ad nauseum) and this gigantification of the lipstick case makes me die a little bit on the inside. x___x

Below, a super minimal and sleek Creamy Glow lipstick case.  Everything about this case is perfection.


And now the thin band of gold for the Bright Up lipstick.  Still slender, but smartly adorned with gold.


But the Extra Glows.  Why SUQQU Why?  Ginormous squared off rectangular case with a bulky gold bottom.


Comically cruel, the new Moisture Rich Lipstick IS EVEN BIGGER.  Laugh?  Cry?  Shake impotent fist?  The ironic thing is that the gigantic cases contain less product (3.7g) than the CG and the BU (3.8g).  For me I rarely finish things (except I do finish Bright Ups) and that 0.1g isn't going to mean much in terms of value, but the gigantic cases have no good reason for life!  NO GOOD REASON AT ALL!  And beveled edges?  Ugh my 90's kitchen renovation detail from hell.  Someone shoot me.


*pant pant*

Don't worry, I've wiped the lather and foam off my face.

Doesn't it say something that I've purchased five more of these lipsticks, despite my deep deep feelings?  

Onward swatches... HO!

  • 01 Yuukanade* is a warm peach toned nude with gold shimmers
  • 02 Hanakurenai is a warm pale pink
  • 06 Senkenka is a medium blue toned pink
  • 08 Benikingyo is a warm red (it's looks straight neutral here, but on my lips it leans distinctly orange)
  • 10 Kogareara is a deep brown red
  • 101 Ichijiku (limited edition AW17) is a cool plum

The bonus feature of this post is not my lunatic raving.  It's my Ichijiku Showdown.  I thought it was confusing that SUQQU used the name Ichijiku for the limited edition shade.  In my <3 Ichijiku is always the stunning Creamy Glow shade.  CG 17 Ichijiku is below.  A while back I did another Compare Contrast series post of 17 Ichijiku and 18 Karakurenai (here).

"Hey, there's only one Ichijiku in this town."

"Hey, there's only one Ichijiku in this town."

Here's Creamy Glow Ichijiku next to Moisture Rich Ichijiku.  They are not the same!


CG Ichijiku is a gloriously pigmented deep bricky brown red.  This new LE rabble rouser is a sheer cool plum.

SUQQU CG Ichijiku and Moisture Rich 101 Ichijiku

When I was going through my SUQQU stash thinking: wait, have I seen a real duplicate?  Obviously the two Ichijikus are not even distant cousins.  Funny enough, another Moisture Rich lipstick 10 Kogareara is very close to Creamy Glow Ichijiku with the clear difference being the pigmentation level.  If you ever had dreams of wearing the CG one, but was scared away by the intensity of the shade?  Well have I got a bricky brown shade for you!  *nudge nudge*  Other gratuitous plum berry tones included below. (EG 09 Yoikajitsu* was a press sample)

Disclosure: this post features product(*) that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own!  Yes indeed!  Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here

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SUQQU UK Exclusive Christmas 2017 Color Collection

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