Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick

Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick

Recently, I did a little poking around at the Westman Atelier counter at Barney’s and swatched the whole line up, including all the shades of the Vital Skin Foundation. You can check it out here. In this post, I’m going to share my thoughts on this foundation as well as compare it to a few others in my collection shade, formula and performance wise.

The brand is exceedingly luxurious esthetically and also has clean simple cases. That’s a philosophy also reflected in it’s ingredients with no silicones, parabens, talc, phthlates or synthetic fragrances. I’m not really a natural or green beauty aficionado and more concerned with performance. It’s also loaded with beneficial skincare ingredients like squalane, camellia seed oil and phytosphinegosines.


I chose shade 3 for myself and ordered it online blind. It seemed to be a good light to medium shade and indeed it is. During the summer, when I purchased this, I was in the MAC C2 / NC20-25 range and a good match for SUQQU 003. I have cool yellow undertones that turns a bit olive when I tan.


Couple of remarkable things about this foundation:

  • Even without silicones, it is incredibly blendable and is very easily applied with fingers, brushes or sponges. Really, I tried to get a bad application but can not try despite the method. I have more finicky foundations that really works well with a very specific method of application, but not this one. I’m sure it works great with a dirty dishrag as well. (tongue in cheek)

  • Gives the most beautifully real skin look. It isn’t high coverage and the coverage is only slightly buildable to a medium, it just makes my skin look amazingly better. It doesn’t catch on texture and flakes and doesn’t sink unattractively into the pores into icky beige colored foundation plugs. <—- I’m serious. This is a big criteria for me in terms of foundations I like.

  • Very elastic and forgiving shade match.

  • At the end of the day, it feels like I’ve been wearing a soothing moisturizer on my skin.

Other important things to note:

  • It works amazingly well for my dry skin. It’s not as thick as the Tom Ford foundation stick, but has a very skin-loving and soothing feel.

  • It doesn’t last well on my skin, which is a big bummer. I get about 4 hours with decent wear and then I get fading. It doesn’t wear away in patches, but fades overall. The tube format makes it easy enough to carry around and reapply, though I’m not into reapplying foundation.

  • I go through it very quickly. It also only has 0.31 oz of product for a very expensive price (compared to 0.5 oz for the Tom Ford).

Here’s a Before and After.

First pic is the before. I’m just wearing my skincare, sunscreen and brow powder. Mainly my skin looks great, but I have a lot of redness around my nose and chin and a little bit of sallowness and uneven color. The foundation gives a sheer veil that still looks very much like skin but essentially made perfect.

Here’s a closer view. If we were strangers and you were standing this close to me, I would feel very uncomfortable because you were totally invading my personal space. I’m wearing the Westman Atelier blush stick in Petal (a muted dusky rose) on my lips and cheeks. I would like to pretend I just wake up and look like this…


I’ve rounded up some similar-ish yellow toned foundations for your to potentially extrapolate a match. I was a MAC F&B C2 this summer, but since having lost a good bit of my tan, I’m somewhere between C1 and C2. Shade 3 still worked in either instance. Tom Ford is a tiny bit more neutral, and slightly lighter than Shade 3 with more coverage as well. Those still sad about SUQQU’s discontinued OCF, here’s how shade 15 looks in the line up, a bit more beige in comparison. And finally, SUQQU’s brand new foundation (PR sample) in shade 002.


I love trying new foundations and I love a good shade match. :D Have you tried anything from the new Westman Atelier makeup line?

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