Beauty Blogger’s Teenage Kid Makeup & Skincare

Beauty Blogger’s Teenage Kid Makeup & Skincare

This beauty stuff has always been my personal domain (aside from my being on internet makeup chat boards, having an Instagram account, posting on Twitter and having this blog. eye roll). As my daughters grow, I’ve have encroachment by miniature intruders into this sacred domain. Big Belly Kid in particular has been showing more interest.

She’s a young teen now and considering I wore lipgloss and played with my own mother’s makeup while I was even younger, I probably don’t have a real valid reason for restricting or disabling her interest.

Funny in a disturbing way, how I’ve internalized misogynistic ideas about women and makeup and I’m a makeup freak. I’ve found myself telling her stuff like: you don’t need to wear makeup, you’re beautiful as you are. It’s has motherly merits of course: there’s nothing more radiantly beautiful than your child! However, I defiantly tell myself that I wear makeup for my own interest and pleasure. Why can’t a teenager coming into her own also be interested for her own sake? I remember a few years back getting pissed that Big Belly Kid went on a playdate at her friend’s house and came back in smeary makeup because she wasn’t allowed to wear makeup. (My own weird thoughts about the “dirtiness”, or is it my own discomfort with the association of sexuality and makeup, colored my reaction strongly)

I did the only thing I could, dear Reader. I took her shopping with me at a local Ulta. Our Ulta is almost brand new and I’ve never spent time in one because I only had Sephora stores near me before. She wanted me to take her to a local drugstore, but child, we shall worship our god Pan in his right temple. We excluded the prestige makeup displays (ain’t no 13 year-old Belly Kid be needing no Nars). We bought (I mean Belly used her AMEX card):

  • Tweezerman Eye Lash curler

  • Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Sand

  • Flower Beauty Beauty Flash Full Face Palette (here)

  • EcoTools On the Go Style Kit (brush set) (here)

  • Some pink-nude lip gloss

I’d already given her a pile of mascara samples, and an Innisfree No Sebum blotting compact.

Big Belly Kid’s general interest in skincare is treating a small amount of acne. I’m trying awfully hard to make her wear sunscreen everyday (scaring her by showing the twin sister sun and no-sun photos, and the truck driver face with sun damage on the window side). Mom scare tactics… I NOT PROUD, but I do what I do. But no dice. She plays sports so I do strong arm her into wearing it then. In addition to a cleanser with salicylic acid, occasional spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide, and sometime use of Stridex pads, I gave her:

  • one of my giant 500mL bottle of Bidoderma Sensibio micellar water for makeup removal

  • Pixi Glow Tonic

If you are a parent, what’s your thoughts about beauty & skincare products for your children. Do you aid and abet? Or do you let them do their own thing? Or do you actively discourage in a way or have strict limitations of what you allow?

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