SUQQU UK Exclusive Xmas 2018 Color Collection

SUQQU UK Exclusive Xmas 2018 Color Collection

Can you believe that our sweltering summer is over and cooler autumn days are here? We still have occasional warm hazy days, but the chill is definitely in the air. It’s a little early for me to be thinking about the holiday season, and yet here we are! Today I’m going to show you all of the pieces from SUQQU’s UK Exclusive Color Collection that I received as press samples recently.* All are limited edition.


The collection is entitled Interstellar and cosmic and starry it is. The eye shadow palettes reference the Earth, the Moon and the Stars. With saturated hues and rich shimmering textures, there’s a lot to desire. This capsule has three Designing Color Eyes (121 Gekkouka , 122 Hanaryuusei and 123 Hikariori), two Pure Color Blush (111 Yuuboshi and 112 Akeboshi), and three Matte Lip Crayons (101 Seisai, 102 Sorabeni, and 103 Kouzu).

Matte Lip Crayons

You may remember the lip crayons from a previous limited edition release (UK Summer 2016) and these are the matte variation. I love this format and also enjoy seeing these pop up in limited edition from time to time and again for this Xmas collection. The Summer 16 ones were sheer, but these are much more richly pigmented and have a more durable lasting power. It’s a misnomer to call these matte as each of these shades have a slight sheen.

Swatches from L to R: 101 Seisai, 102 Sorabeni and 103 Kouzu.

  • 101 Seisai is a pink nude with a warm undertone. It’s a very beautiful nude with a semi-matte finish. I love this shade, it’s not too light and with the warm undertone, it is very flattering for me.

  • 102 Sorabeni is a rich warm berry with a satin finish. This has great pigmentation and is perfect for autumn.

  • 103 Kouzu is a warm peachy nude in a satin finish.

Pure Color Blush


Since SUQQU radically reformulated majority of their color products, I would say the blushes in general are some of my favorites. Almost all have strong pigmentation, have a range of matte, satin to shimmer shades. The powder is soft and very easy to diffuse into a very natural flush on the skin.

Left: 111 Yuubosi, Right: 112 Akeboshi

111 Yuuboshi
I think this functions more as a highlighter than a blush. It certainly has a fair amount of champagne shimmer (especially on the right side of the gradient) and also pretty light in color and pigmentation.


You can see that the texture when applied on the skin is super fine and delicate. The blended swatch (on the right strip) makes a stunning peach highlight. With very smoky eyes and a nude lip, this blush would make a gorgeous statement on the cheeks.

112 Akeboshi

Make no mistake, for me, this is a blush to die for. It a saturated and richly pigmented blush with a warm rose and a vibrant tangerine. With these gradient pans, it’s easy to select one color or the other or blend.


The tangerine has very fine and delicate micro shimmer which is not glittery but gives a slight glow. That blended coral shade is soooOOOOOoo pretty.

Designing Color Eyes

I was really struck by how each stands on its own (vs. the other two) and also the cohesiveness of each palette. Some of these warm orange tones are kind of getting to be a bit repetitive in a way (especially with the over saturated market for super warm eye shadows and even with the brands own offerings). Having said that, looking at these through the lens of the Interstellar Moon, Earth, Stars themes, each palette reaches a poetic embodiment. (Maybe I’ve been pondering the press release too closely, too!)

121 Gekkouka evokes the moon. Think minerals, rocks, or metals.

  • Bright silvery grey with strong silver shimmer

  • Peach to gold shifting duochrome. It is so pretty. Be sure to click the video at the end of the post to see the shift a little better

  • Deep charcoal grey with many multi color shimmer. This can be intensified to near metallic finish

  • Dark greyish black. This one is the one shade that is a bit drier and applies slightly patchy, but still blends well. This is a satin matte shade


122 Hanaryuusei is the earth, evoking rich and life giving elements.

This is probably the palette that made me go, “what more oranges?!” but thrilled me with one particular shade. That plummy brown has a fine profusion of violet shimmer that gives a secret shift to violet. Sadly, I wasn’t able to really capture that in the photos (I tried! SO MANY BAD PHOTOS TAKEN!). However, I actually don’t recommend buying a palette for one shade. If you are in need of a well composed, very earthy orange palette with one spectacular brown, you might go for it.

  • Bright orange satin

  • Cool champagne with silver shimmer

  • Cool brown with multi-color shimmer (lots of purple!)

  • A medium warm rust orange with golden shimmer


123 Hikariori evokes stellar clouds and cosmic dust. The Milky Way in a palette form!

Photo by idizimage/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by idizimage/iStock / Getty Images

While Gekkouka is a great smoky eye palette, Hikariori has a lot of drama, too. If you aren’t afraid of colorful drama, this could be a great option. And you can have your own Milky Way on your eyes. ;) All four shades are more or less high shimmer shades.

  • bright golden yellow

  • golden warm sand

  • inky, super shimmery cosmic blue with lots of multi color shimmer

  • warm peachy pink with cool shimmer

If you are interested in seeing this stuff in video form (nothing like bright sun and movement to capture the textures of makeup), check out this little video I cobbled together:

I also tend to share previews earlier on Instagram, check out my profile!

Collection launches today 10/4 at Selfridges and 10/18 at Harrods and Fenwicks. Hope this post is useful. I love to hear if you selected any of this new UK collection, too.

*These featured products were provided without charge for my consideration.  Please check out my disclosure here!

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