SUQQU UK Exclusive Summer 2018 Collection

SUQQU UK Exclusive Summer 2018 Collection

I'd like to show you the upcoming release of SUQQU's latest UK Exclusive color collection.  Jorge Balzaretti (SUQQU's senior makeup artist) has done it again- that is created another super saturated and covetable collection, tailor made to get us all excited about this eye candy.  When I saw the various early promotional images, I worried that the color compositions were much too editorial in effect for me to actually get use out of.  This is a conceit, of course.  I didn't really have to think much about this at all since the SUQQU team in the UK generously sent me the whole darn collection.  (Below is from SUQQU UK's Instagram page)

Stunning visual aside, I mean who actually wears makeup like this?  On a Tuesday, going to their soul-sucking corporate drone job?  Also several of us do not have the same youthful swagger we used to (say about 15 years ago) to carry off such a vibrant look.  My goal was to see how wearable I can make this collection on my face.

This collection is called "Gradation Couture" and the little eye shadow gradient pans remind me of a few of the blushes (like so wee cute).  Obviously, the shades are rich and vibrant and as a shrinking violet, I was deeply intimidated.

This petite collection of five items feature:

  • two Designing Color Eyes palettes: a warm toned 116 Shakuyousa (Burning Sand), a cool toned 117 Natsukasumi (Summer Mist)
  • Pure Color Blush 107 Hoteribeni (Flushed Cheeks)
  • two Extra Glow Lipsticks: 110 Kouki (Summer Light) and 111 Koihanabi (Fireworks)

Designing Color Eyes


It's hard to say what exactly is the super star of this collection.  Maybe these quads.  I mean with the gradient pan, the intense colors, these could definitely be the stars.  Both palettes are exceptionally easy to apply.  This is important, because even a total hack like me was able to apply these!

116 Shakuyousa is a rich warm toned palette.  I shall call it Orange Palette.  

Indeed the orange / coral split pan is very eye catching.  Wont this make a lovely summery blush?  I mean, for my pedestrian tastes, it really does look like a blush.

Gradient eye shadow pan: Left, Right and Blended

Gradient eye shadow pan: Left, Right and Blended

  • Coral and Orange gradient pan.  Sparse silver shimmer
  • Pale, sheerer gold
  • Intense warm eggplant, satin in finish
  • satin bronze 

117 Natsukasumi I shall call The Other Palette.  This is also no shrinking violet palette.

 The split pan here is so very feminine and pretty.  I think this palette is more wearable, that is, if you love cool tones such as these.

Split pan!  Left, Right and Blended

Split pan!  Left, Right and Blended

  • Pink and white shimmery gradient pan.  Very sweet cooler toned pink when blended
  • Sheer warm gold
  • Deep warm plum satin
  • Cool satiny lavender

Extra Glow Lipsticks

These are distinctly white based, and therefore apply with considerable opacity.  While white based shades aren't my favorites, there can only be so many sheer and clear shades one can own.

110 Kouki is a warm peach shade.  On me it applies mostly a pastel orange shade, kind of like an orange creamsicle.

111 Koihanabi is a warm mid tone pink.  Both shares are shimmer free.  Extra Glow lipsticks is a wonderful formula.  These are wonderful iterations on the formula in this amazing formula.  I've written more about them here.

Pure Color Blush

Though honestly, the blush 107 Hoteribeni is really the sleeper hit.  This is a deep and vibrant berry.


These Pure Color Blushes have an excellent formula, very finely milled and in most cases, very richly pigmented.  This berry one has a smattering of fine shimmer running through it, but isn't obvert when applied, just a really pretty glow.

The challenge I had for myself was whether these colors (in such combinations) were actually wearable for me.  I didn't give it the editorial try, because making a fool of myself is a little low on my list of things to do this week.  :D

Look 1 with 116 Shakuyousa, 107 Hoteribeni and 110 Kouki.

Look 2 with 117 Natsukasumi, 107 Hoteribeni and 111 Koihanabi

This collection releases first at Selfridges on April 26th and then thereafter at Harrods and Fenwicks on May 10th.

These featured products were provided without charge for my consideration.  Please check out my disclosure here!

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