Cleansing Balms I've Been Using

Cleansing Balms I've Been Using

Probably the mack daddy of cleansing balms for me is the original balm in the tub from Eve Lom.  I've gone through several of those and have another one in the wings.  There's a ritualistic element of the facial massage and the cloth which is a bit onerous for every day quick cleanse.  Here's a few quicker options with balm textures that I've been using recently.  


Here's what the products are:

  • SUQQU Comfort Melt Cleansing Cream - its supposed to be quick and effective in dissolving makeup and formulated to be gentle on dry skin.  It has moisturizing and water attracting ingredients and easily rinsed away leaving no residue.
  • Dermalogica Precleanse Balm - (this I received as a miniature when I ordered on the site) this balm is water activated and works to remove excess sebum and water-proof makeup.  It's meant to be used as the first part of a double cleanse.  it includes a silicone scrubber that is used for gentle exfoliation.  Safe to use around eyes.
  • Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser - (this is one I've been using a long time)  It's a quick and easy wash off balm effectively cleansing dry skin while removing even waterproof makeup.  This is the quick version of the original tub cleanser and requires no muslin / cloth.
  • Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser - comes in a pump bottle.  They claim its formulated for all skin types, but is a moisturizing product with Shea Butter.  All the Eve Lom products have clove and eucalyptus oils which are aromatic and can potentially irritate some skin.  I'm not bothered by these ingredients, but the scent can be strong.

SUQQU Comfort Melt Cleansing Cream

Fair to say this is more of a cream than a balm.  I had high hopes for this one and used about 3/4 of the tube.  I love the idea of a gentle cleanser that's as effective as the product description says.  The texture is marvelously light and massages like room temperature melted butter on the skin.  Unfortunately, it is an utter light weight at removing and breaking down makeup.  It didn't do a great job at breakdown eye makeup (including waterproof mascara) but did a good job removing foundation and sunscreen.  This definitely needs a separate eye makeup remover if you wear anything long-lasting or waterproof on the eyes.  It also requires a second cleanse because it definitely leaves a greasy residue.  It also has a faint cosmetic-y scent.

Dermologica Precleanse Balm

The Precleanse Balm has a thick texture and reminds me a lot of Aquaphor that's been sitting in a cold room.  It does loosen up quickly with the warm of the skin.  It also has a faint and pleasant botanical scent.  It was very effective in removing all traces of makeup.  However, it stung my eyes like crazy.  I would definitely avoid the eye area even though it's terrific at removing eye makeup. 

The silicone exfoliator didn't add anything to the experience for me.  It is too soft and smooth to exfoliate the skin, but was nice to stimulate blood circulation.  It does leave a filmy residue and requires a second cleanse to remove it.  All in all, I really liked this one except for the burning the eyes.  It is heavy duty and removes sebum quite well.  I would reserve this for summer time when my skin is less prone to drying out.  Its first ingredient is caprylic acid, which can cause reactions on some people and also has several essential oils that some may not like (lavender, citrus oils, eucalyptus oil).

Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser

I've written about this cleanser before (here) (while also talking about chocolate cake).  I really love this one.  I can use this for a nice gentle morning cleanse and it also works in the evening.  It's not as effective as the regular Eve Lom Cleanser, which also incorporates a flannel cloth into the routine, but does a pretty good job with a little extra massaging.  It also emulsifies well with water and washes away without residue.  It has that weird Eve Lom smell, which is quite strong and smells very strongly of eucalyptus.  I like that despite the eucalyptus, it doesn't sting my eyes.  This is one I plan on keeping in rotation.

Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser

A gel!  A balm!  At the same time!  This is a recent release from the brand.  Hmm, it seems a bit of an overkill having so many balm type cleansers in one brands' line, but hey, who am I to judge?  I will try all of it.

While the Cleanser (in the tub) and the Morning Time Cleanser are great for dry skin, this one is supposed to be suited for all skin tones.  I'm pretty dry these days, so I can't attest it would work for oily skin types.  But with Shea Butter in it, I would hazard a guess that it would work for those having drier skin.

If the SUQQU was like half melted butter, the Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser is ready to turn liquid almost immediately on the skin.  It is very loose in texture and spreads like oil on the skin.  I found this as effective as the regular Eve Lom Cleanser and also emulsified well and rinsed cleanly.  My skin felt soft and not stripped clean after using it.  I've only been using this a few weeks, but so far, I really like this one.

What are you favorite cleansers and cleansing balms?

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