SUQQU AW2018 Collection

SUQQU AW2018 Collection

SUQQU AW2018 collection was released recently in the UK at Selfridges and will release at Harrods and Fenwicks on August 23rd.  I was very fortunate to receive several pieces from the collection to share on the blog.  Follow me on Instagram since I tend to share earlier there compared to the blog.  There's a few limited edition products as well as a brand new cream eye shadow.  On to the goodies!

SUQQU's AW2018 Collection is herrrrre!

SUQQU's AW2018 Collection is herrrrre!

Glow Touch Eyes

Let me show you what I'm most excited about first: Glow Touch Eyes.  These are liquid eye shadow with a feather-light whipped texture with rich pigmentation and great performance.  This is such an improvement over the pot cream format that was released a while back, Deep Nuance Eyes (reviewed here).  (Those looked amazing in the pot and the shimmer was glorious, but they were sheered out to nothing when applied and creased like a mofo.)


The doe foot applicator is angled on one side.  I find it picks up way more product than I would need for one application on both eyes, especially for the level of pigmentation it has.  It makes using the applicator less useful for application.

I have shade 02 Kouikizuki, a warm yellow toned gold and the limited edition 101 Teriaka, a warm reddish brown.  It's possible to sheer these out to a wash which shows off the complex shimmer, or build to a higher and richer level of coverage, which enhances a metallic finish.


I've tested without my normal Nars primer and actually had terrific performance.  I had no creasing, but did experience some fading.  In my neck of the woods, like in a lot of places, it is blazing hot and humid.  A lot of good makeup would melt off, especially those with these light cream textures.  Given that I'm especially pleased with how well they did.

Let's shiiiiine like a star.

Let's shiiiiine like a star.


Designing Color Eyes

For AW18, there are two permanent eye shadow palettes and one limited edition one.

SUQQU AW18 Designing Color Eyes  From L to R: 10 Yuuakane, 11 Fukakaede and 120 Ryoukosumosu (limited edition)

SUQQU AW18 Designing Color Eyes

From L to R: 10 Yuuakane, 11 Fukakaede and 120 Ryoukosumosu (limited edition)

The quads have the same high quality formula of these Designing Color Eyes: heavenly smooth textures, rich pigmentation and easy to blend.  Compared to my beloved Blend Color Eyes, these have much stronger pigmentation.  Each four shades of the palette have the same shimmer finish as well.  For me, I wish there were more texture variations (a matte is always welcome for me, since that helps me create more depth on my relatively flat eye lids).

10 Yuuakane

The two permanent quads are intriguing to me.  They look both very similar with blue and warm orange/red colors.  It's good for people like me that know what specific colors tend to work better on them (for me, I like clear blues that tend towards indigo) so I would likely purchase Yuuakane. 

[allow me a ramble: If a buyer is less certain, it would split the purchase one or the other (or if you're a SUQQU super fan, you would buy both!).  I think about things like that because I work in fashion and retail and have pondered long and hard about the productivity of each selling SKU.  From a creative perspective, it lacks a clear edited presentation.]

Yuuakane is gorgeous.  That blue is intense and is a good color to accent and ground any look.  The two coral oranges are very close to each other.  I'll see how I can use those distinctly.  The cool champagne shade is a great brightening highlight shade.


11 Fukakaede

This is the second permanent quad.  This is more golden in cast, and applied the shades do look much more different than Yuuakane.  For instance, each shade is varied in depth and also different from the other. 

The blue is more a grey/green blue that has a swath of golden tone overlaid on it.   There's a pale warm gold, a deeper richer gold and a deep rich red coral as well.


120 Ryoukosumosu

There's always a lot of hubbub about SUQQU's limited edition quads.  Ryoukosumosu has a confectionary spring feel as opposed to cool autumns.  Each shade swatches on my arm with nice pigmentation.  On my face, which is a little less tan (I'm a MAC C2, SUQQU 003 at the moment), the two paler shades: the light lavender and the pale green apply near white on my skin.

I think I will enjoy using this quad in the spring time again.

Moisture Rich Lipstick

These balmy lipsticks feel great on the lips.  I'd wrote about my collection of them here before.  They feel moisturizing and very comfortable on the lips, but don't last a very long time on the lips.

These three shades are all limited edition, 106 Yuukagami - a pink red, 107 Enjitsu - a warm brown and 108 Choutouka a warm peachy pink with shimmer.  A blazing hot 95ºF day is not a good day to swatch lipsticks!  106 is sheer but can layer up a bit.  It's a very pretty shade which shows up more pink on my cool lips than red.  It's not very unique, but is very wearable.  107, ah the brown one.   I have to admit the swatch isn't so attractive on the lips but it makes a nice neutral shade.  

I was surprised with how much I liked 108 Choutouka.  The shimmer is completely gritless and undetectable to me.  I had loved and used up an old Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick in Fluttering Sighs (here) a similar pale peachy pink with golden shimmer.  This is a much nicer version (also less fragile and soft) and I'm so happy to have this!

Pure Color Blush

And finally, the two new split plan cheek product released are the limited edition 108 Tsuyabara - a dusty rose with a cool pink highlight and 109 Hikaricha - warm yellow tan with a pale tan highlight.  They have a color shade and a highlighting shade.  Not sure how I feel about these yet.  For paler skinned folks, I think the blush part will show up, on me I was only able to get just a very slight color payoff.  

In any case, I would suggest using a firmer bristled brush to get more product to transfer on to your cheeks.  The pan is pressed very hard and feels like a different formula than the regular blushes.

In this look below, I'm wearing Designing Color Eyes in 120 Ryoukosumosu, Pure Color Blush in 108 Tsuyabara and Moisture Rich Lipstick in 106 Yuukagami.


Hope this post is helpful for those thinking about splurging on SUQQU's newest releases.  Thank you to SUQQU for providing these for me to try out!

These featured products were provided without charge for my consideration.  Please check out my disclosure here!

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