About Me

Snow Woman when it's HOT

Hi there.  I'm Bellyhead.  This isn't my real name.  It's my nom de plume.  Please feel free to call me Belly or  Bellyhead.  I'm mostly anonymous because I like my Internet self to have a happy carefree existence, because after all, real life is something else all together.

You can chat with me in the comments of any blog post.  I love responding and seeing what you think.  I am also on Twitter blathering away.  Come join the fray.  I also love emails, and can be contacted at: wondegondigo@gmail.com.  I will write back unless somehow you end up in my SPAM folder.
What the heck is Wondegondigo anyway?  I actually thought long and hard about this when I picked this as my blog name.  It's a made up word, of course.  It brings together two nonsense words each of my kids said when they were babies.  Wondegon in toddler speak means "This sucks!  Let's blow this Popsicle stand and go HOME!" and Digo was a catch-all "word" that meant "This one" or "I like it."  Wondegondigo is just a word with a lot of personal meaning that helps me have another small point of connected love to my family, no matter what I do, whatever I'm obsessing about - like makeup.

I live and work in New York and enjoy the constant sights and sound overload.  I love makeup.  I work in Fashion, but prefer mom-pants.  I like to eat Spam, the Hormel canned meat kind.

Thank you for reading this About Me, and thank you for reading my little pet project, Wondegondigo.  If so inclined, please check out my Welcome post.  When you see me all teenage-angsty about buying makeup, that post would explain why.

Visée Smoky Rich Eyes in BR-2, GY-7 and PK-1

SURRATT Artistique Eyeshadow in 18 Tyrian