SUQQU Extra Rich Glow Cream Foundation

SUQQU Extra Rich Glow Cream Foundation

This post features a product that was provided without charge for my consideration

I’m ready to call it… call it HG! I can say that after testing for many months spanning from hot, humid summer into the cold and dryness of December into January, that SUQQU’s Extra Rich Glow Cream Foundation is completely indispensable. It took a bit to play around with primers and application methods, but as I realized that I automatically reached for this foundation every single day, this has firmly become a full on favorite.


I was actually a little puzzled when the Extra Rich Glow Cream Foundation came out because it seems to have more than a passing resemblance to the Extra Rich Cream Foundation (reviewed here). I reviewed that one favorably, even purchasing shade 003 for the summer to better match my tan. Now I see on the SUQQU global website that the older version, Extra Rich Cream Foundation is no longer listed and I assumed discontinued. It didn’t have a long life, RIP ERCF, but hail to the QUEEN ERGCF!


The brand says that this cream formulation is meant for profound moisturization and contains the below botanical ingredients. (Here’s a link to the cosdna full listing of ingredients, heap full of emollients and moisturizers). Really importantly, the foundation is meant to ripen on the skin into a glow as the hours pass.

My experience is it does all that plus have excellent longevity. I am dry and very prone to dehydration. I suffer from dehydration related flakes and dry patches from eczema. Aside from texture related to the flakes and patches, my skin concerns are fairly minimal. I have redness around my nose, some darkness under my eyes, and some minimal wrinkles. Foundation and concealers all tend to catch around my nostrils.

The Extra Rich Glow Cream foundation has a smooth rich texture of a cream moisturizer and applies well with fingers, a brush or a sponge. My favorite application method is with a damp Beauty Blender as it leaves the most natural finish with the thinnest application. The coverage can be light medium (which is what I achieve with a Beauty Blender) and can be layered and built to medium full.

Initial application looks satin and over the hours develops into a beautiful soft glow. I actually don’t feel I need to set with a powder, but usually set on my nose and to set wear I’ve applied concealer (usually under eyes and around my nostrils). I’m always amazed at the end of the day when I see that my skin looks even better than when I first applied it. It’s developed into a soft glow (although nose could use a bit of powdering) and it lasted well. True testament from me is that I always prefer to wear this foundation over anything I have. LOVE THIS FOUNDATION.

Here’s some swatches and some comparisons to other foundations. SUQQU was very kind to provide a few colors samples so I will show you 002 (my shade), 003 and 102.

First up, here is shade 002 in bright natural light.

And here’s a comparison with other foundations. I thought 102 was much lighter than 002, but it oxidizes slightly deeper than 002 on my skin. 102 is also more neutral beige than the cool yellow of 002. 003 is deeper than 002, and also less cool yellow and warmer. Triangulating, I would say 002, MAC F&B C1 and Tom Ford Traceless Stick in Pale Dune are pretty similar.

Here’s some photos of bare skin, just foundation and full makeup.

This foundation has been out for a few months. Have you tried this or the previous version of this cream foundation? What do you think? First I always squeal with delight at a foundation that has cool yellow tones, then I jump up and down when it makes my skin look amazing, then I hoot and holler when it lasts and makes me sad to take it off in the evening! Hoot hoot! Many thanks to SUQQU for letting me try this incredible foundation. Please don’t discontinue it! I was so sad when the original (the old old UK version) was discontinued and pretty happy with the Extra Rich Cream foundation was released. Now that the Extra Rich Glow Cream foundation is here, all that is but a distant memory.

Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own!  Yes indeed!  Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here!

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